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Social Media is a conversation.

Social Media is building relationships with people by getting into their world and getting related. Simple. Easy. Connected.

Social Media is customer service.

Social Media is an easy quick way to answer customer inquiries. It's also the perfect forum to learn what people think of you and your product or service.

Social Media is advertising.

Social Media is advertising your products and services. It's about reaching your loyal fans, as well as making new connections across the world.

Social Media is connectedness.

Social Media is connecting with people. It's about finding your mega fans, and interacting with them on a personal level to build brand loyalty.

American Idol Out

American Idol Season 12 has ended…. and I’m sad. It’s been the most amazing experience ever! I wasn’t able to write and keep my website updated these past few months because I was busy having a blast working the highest rated TV show ever, so here’s a final wrap of highlights, with photos below! I […]

My Job at American Idol Rules!

So this is what week one of American Idol Live Shows looks like! AWESOMENESS! Top to Bottom, Left to Right: I got to meet Phillip Phillips! He performed his new song “Gone, Gone, Gone” during the show! I got to live tweet the Idol Top 10 Live Show from the audience! There’s me with my […]

Home Brew Kombucha Batch #5: The Final Brew

Based on factors of time and improper SCOBY growth, I’ve made the difficult decision to stop my home brew for awhile. I want to come back in a few months and start from scratch with a healthy starter kit. Ironically, my SCOBY in batch five grew legs. I can only assume that’s a good thing. […]

Home Brew Kombucha Batch #4: Flavoring and Troubleshooting

From flavoring and troubleshooting my home brew batch #3 to more flavoring and troubleshooting for batch #4, I did some things differently this time around: Spring water New flavor pairings Not sure if people even use pre-made juice drinks to flavor kombucha. I use them out of sheer lack of time to prepare anything else. […]

Updates from the Top of the World

Still riding on a high since the beginning of working on American Idol Season 12, I have some updates about my time at Fox Plaza and Fox Studios! First and foremost, my friend Brittany was brought on to help us with social media! This is her and I the day of her interview. I worked […]

love is in the air

Turns out that people really like parasailing with their sweeties! Based off a promo campaign created by Marina del Rey Parasailing, I made these Valentines, and they were a huge success on Facebook and Instagram! I’ve noted this for future social media campaigns for them! And, I’ve also noted, that The Voice used a similar […]

Little SCOBYs and Blueberry Ginger Kombucha

Little SCOBYs They told me this may happen. And now it has. My individual bottles of kombucha have their own little SCOBYs. I got shots of this particular bottle because it had the best little SCOBY. Mmm, healthy bacteria goodness. Have another! Update on my Blueberry Ginger Kombucha! The flavoring definitely helped with fizz and […]

Home Brew Kombucha Batch #3: Flavoring and Troubleshooting

I have finally gotten to the point where I’m ready to flavor my home brew kombucha! And the fruit juice I chose – blueberry juice. Why blueberry? Simple. I received some Tamaya Blueberry Juice in my goodie bag at the Foods From Chile Dinner Party back in November, and it was readily available. Why ginger? Because […]

Pink Marina

This happened during my meeting with Marina del Rey Parasailing last night. Love the pink and purple of this gorgeous sunset. Had to share!