My Hashtag Obsession

So I’ve entered a new (to me) phase of social media – the hashtag phase. It all started with #FF. I will be the first to admit that I’ve taken it a bit overboard. Okay not a bit. A LOT!

Check out these tweets that I posted for clients. I get better by Tweet #3 for 7-ElevenSoCal:

Hey, I’m still learning.

  • Too many hashtags = not so good.
  • Keeping hashtags relevant to point of the post = right on!


Background on the Hashtag

What is a hashtag? (

A hashtag is any topic or keyword with a hash symbol at the start to identify it.

Where do you find hashtags?

How do you use hashtags?

A hashtag is basically a tagging system for keywords and search terms. Usually used to track conferences and events such as #SXSW for Austin’s South by Southwest, the hashtag is also used to notate other things like #FREE (notating that the tweet is showcasing something that is free) or #FOOD (notating that the tweet is food related).

Who started the hashtag? (

On August 23, 2007, the Twitter hashtag was born. Invented by Chris Messina (then with the consulting firm Citizen Agency, now an open web advocate for Google), the  first tweet with a hashtag read as follows: how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

Resources regarding how to use the hashtag appropriately.

  1. A Quick #Hashtag Lesson
  2. How to Use Hashtags Without Looking Like a Total Beginner

And yes, there IS a #hashtag. Just in case you were wondering. *wink

Happy hashtagging!

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