BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

I was like a kid at Christmas. A kid waiting to see Santa Claus. A kid waiting to open her presents… A kid waiting to learn more tricks of the social media trade!

Yes, this is how excited I get for social media. Yes!!!

Needless to say, I had an amazing time at BlogWorld today. Learned about some great products and services including Caveman KlausLivefyreWeVideoJakprintsCliff Ravenscraft and the general success of podcasting!

Didn’t see Mari Smith or Guy Kawasaki or Chris Brogan for that matter. Not even sure if they were there today. Next time. Next time….

What I took away from BlogWorld

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner says that if you are a blogger, you are really a publisher. Start defining yourself as a publisher. Michael Stelzner also says that we need to ban together. We need to work together to grow in a massive way. Build your industry and people will come. And then the money will come.

From Deanna Brown – Don’t define it as”blog.” At the heart, it’s primarily about sharing content and engaging with the community. In general, don’t limit ourselves to being classified as podcaster, blogger.. We all wear many hats and do more than just one thing.

From Cliff Ravenscraft – Really get to know your community. It makes a difference. Really. Get to know them personally. They will want to go the distance for you. And in return you help each other out!

Also from Cliff Ravenscraft – Give stuff away for free or of way lesser value. The overall return is so much greater.


Cliff Ravenscraft’s speech. He should be one of the Keynotes next year. Hi, Cliff!


Where were Pete Cashmore and Mashable?!


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