Teens Want Time Away From The Internet

In my quest to learn how teenagers use the social networks, I came across this Mashable article with iconograph showing stats of how teens plug-in to the digital space.

Here is the single most “Ahhh Moment” takeaway for me:

“Surprisingly, a majority of survey participants say they prefer to chat face-to-face instead of text or tweet. One-third of teens actually desire time off from the Internet. Around 36% of teens who responded said they wish “they could go back to a time when there was no Facebook.”

TEENS WANT TO GO BACK TO A TIME WHERE THERE WAS NO FACEBOOK. Shocks the hell out of me! I never would have guessed that, but I’m biased because I feel like Facebook changed my life. I can’t live without it!

Other questions that are answered: 

  1. Which do teens use more: Text, Facebook or Twitter?
  2. Does social networking make teens more confident or less confident?
  3. Which teens are using the social networks more? Girls or boys?

Read more and see the iconograph via Mashable.

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