Tweaks for Optimal Tweets

So I haven’t been tweeting for brands totally incorrectly. However, this article, Sorry, Marketers, You’re Doing Twitter Wrong, opened my eyes to easy tweaks for optimal tweets!

Best time to tweet
• Weekends
• Busy hours: 8am-7pm
What I WAS doing – tweeting more on weekdays and less on weekends.

Optimal number of tweets per day
4 tweets or less
What I WAS doing – Had this one in the bag.

To hashtag or not to hashtag
Tag, baby. Tag!
What I WAS doing – Had this one in the bag.

Optimal number of hashtags per tweet
2 hashtags or less
What I WAS doing – Sometimes using up to three or four hashtags. Oops.

How to achieve a higher retweet rate
• Tweet a link
• When asking for a retweet, spell out the word (retweet) as opposed to typing RT
What I WAS doing – Typing RT. Less characters. It just made sense. Guess not. ; )

That’s the juicy stuff I took away. Read full article and see graphs and stats on Mashable.  

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