Statigram for Instagram Analytics

Statigram rocks. In five minutes I just learned my top influencers, follower stats, which of my instagrams are the most popular and which filters I use the most AND the least!

Here’s how I did it: Logged in through my instagram account to access the interface.

I can see my instagrams at a glance and learn stats about all of them!

Here’s what I learned

  • Top two people who interact with my instagrams: micheealexis and kellbell817
  • Day when I instagram most: Wednesdays
  • Top two filters I use: Amaro and Hudson
  • How often I use geolocation: 80%
  • Top tags I use: # wholefoods and #santamonica
  • Most liked instagram by my followers (Hey, people like food!):

  • Most commented on photo by my followers:

  • and more!
  • Other Goodies:  I can follow people right in the interface. Also statigram shows current contests on instagram!
Some “Awwwhhhh Moment” takaways:
So needless to say, I was already on an instagram kick. It just tripled. Bring it on, awesome moments to photograph in life!

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