Top Seven Reasons Why The New Twitter Header Doesn’t Make Sense to Me

Earlier today I found myself in a mini mass-tweet session with @ToolboxTalks after I tweeted about boycotting the new Twitter Header, and they responded asking why:

So here’s my Top 7 Reasons Why the New Twitter Header Doesn’t Make Sense to Me:

  1. Can’t control the design because they added black overlay.
  2. White text, usually a problem.
  3. Not pleasing to the eye.
  4. Takes up unnecessary space.
  5. Trying to look like Facebook Timeline.
  6. I prefer the first launch of Twitter Headers, as shown on Coca-Cola’s Page.
  7. Doesn’t make sense to change the whole interface when this is just to help the mobile presence.

I did attempt to make myself a kick-ass Twitter Header, but didn’t like the results.

After seeing this post on Mashable today, ‪4 Quick Tips for a Better Twitter Header‬, I’m willing to give it a second try. I would like to keep my Twitter profile up to date, and make it stand out on the iPad. I am definitely going to update my client pages so they stay on top of social media trends!

What are your thoughts about the new Twitter Headers? Please comment below.


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