Top 12: Social Media in Action During Social Media Week 2012

I’m still riding on a high from all the awesome Social Media Week Los Angeles events I attended this week. Found myself chuckling at a few key moments that really made me go, Ahhh.

1) Social Media Makes it Easy to Find Your Friends

How did I know where all my peers were going to be during the week? Blog and social networks.

2) Learning about a Company via WOM via Social Media

I first learned about Movember via word-of-mouth via social media last year. Was thrilled about the organization and the viral reach. During Social Media Week, I got a glimpse into Movember straight from the founder, Adam Garone. Really enjoyed the stats breakdown of their analytics across the social networks. ‪#SMWLAMOVEMBER‬

3) No Need for Business Cards. Just use Twitter.

I just ordered business cards because I feel like we still haven’t progressed from paper to online in this particular realm. Yet, my favorite way to connect is when I can follow someone online in real time via the Twitter App on my iPhone. That’s what I did after the Movember event with Silvia. #SMWLAMOVEMBER‬

4) Twitter Feeds Keep Us Organized and Connected

Massive Twitter feeds at each event made sharing content easy peasy. Here’s the giant feed at the Social Media Club Social Media in Retail event on Monday, 9/24. #SWMLARETAIL

5) Mobile Apps Help Us Out in a Jiffy

My SMWLA buddy AJ got lost on the way to the FoodBook event Tuesday night. Step in mobile app, Scout, and he found us in a jiffy! #SMWRESTAURANTS

6) Hashtags Organize and Share the Knowledge

After the Feed Me event Wednesday morning, I showed my Pop Up Pantry salmon masala Instagram pic to this chick at the Hot, Hot, Haute event at the Egyptian Theater. She exclaimed. “That’s you! I saw that already. I’m following the hashtag.” * I almost blushed. 😉 #SMWLA #‬SMWLAFEEDME #‬SMWLAHOTHOTHAUTE

7) Mobile Apps Make Everything Easy in Real Time

Also during the Feed Me event, the food app, Chef’s Feed, was mentioned. Many people downloaded it right away with their Smartphones. It was definitely an, “Ahhhh, we can do this. Remember how life sucked when we couldn’t do this?” moment. #‬SMWLAFEEDME

Chef's Feed

8) QR Codes are an Easy Fun Way to Advertise

I found a QR Code coupon in bathroom at the Egyptian Theater for 50% Madame Tussauds down the street at Hollywood and Highland. So convenient. Thanks, Madame Tussauds!

9) Learning About a Cool Product via Facebook

I first learned about Craigslist Joe on Facebook. The social media push was/is fantastic. I started a conversation via Social Media Club LA after Craigslist Joe posted this. And then I started telling all my friends about it. It was so great to be at the Egyptian screening to hear Joe tell his story. #SMWLACRAIGSLISTJOE

10) Getting a Response When You Tweet at Craig Newmark

Warning: Craigslist Joe movie spoiler: Out of my excitement over Joe meeting Craiglist’s founder, Craig, I tweeted about it! And… I got a response! Highlight of the week. ; )

11) People try Something New Based on a Friend Review

After the Craigslist Joe screening on Wednesday, I got this tweet from @thechrislam via her check-in to The Pie Hole on Foursquare.

My heart melted. I am one of the top brand ambassadors for The Pie Hole LA. It made me so happy that someone visited them on my recommendation, and then let me know about it!

12) Blogging Helps Spread the Word

And now I get to share my experience with the world. That’s the beauty of the blogging and online networking.

** To Note

LA Metro is AWESOME. Here I am with my SMWLA buddy, AJ. We popped back and forth from Hollywood to Downtown LA in a jiffy.

I was disappointed in the New Trends in Social Networking event, but it was so cool to be 47 flights up at Cushman and Wakefield DTLA. Got to see this awesome view. #SMWLASOCIALNETWORKING

*** In closing, I had a blast at Social Media Week LA, and cannot wait for the next one. I’m enjoying following up with all the connections I made, and I’m looking forward to putting in place the new practices I learned. Thanks, SMWLA!!


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