Pinterest Goodies: All Things Pinterest

pinterest-goodiesPinterest is one of my favorite social platforms. Why?

  • Eye-Candy – visually pleasing and emotional experience
  • Bookmarking – saving collections of pins
  • Awareness – of products, goods, services
  • Drives traffic – clicks back to website, builds SEO
  • Life – sharing stories

I recently made a Pinterest Plan for a small consumer packaged goods business and fell in love with the social network all over again! With Pinterest Business Accounts and features rolling out, here’s a recap and resource of all things Pinterest as we know it, including how-tos, demos, stats and key findings.

Top Demos on Pinterest

  1. Gender: 68% Female | 32% Male
  2. Top Ages: 25-34 | 35-44 | 45-54
  3. Have kids: 50%
  4. Average time on site: 16 minutes. This is more than time spent on the other social networks.
  5. Average annual household income: $100,000k

Top Interests on Pinterest

  1. Style/Fashion
  2. Wedding Planning
  3. Food and Drinks/Recipes
  4. Interior Decorating
  5. DIY/Arts and Crafts
  6. Travel
  7. Holiday/Seasonal
  8. Educational

Top Pin Sources

  1. Etsy
  2. Google Images
  3. Flickr

Note: This tells me two things. Pins from Etsy coincides with Pinterest’s goal to drive traffic, sales and build SEO. It also indicates the nature of the top demographics. With pins from Google Images and Flickr, we see that people appreciate the visual nature, pure eye-candy.

Masters of Pinterest for Consumer Packaged Goods/Retail

  1. /etsy
  2. /wholefoods
  3. /chobani

Resourceful Pinterest Reads

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest
  2. 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business
  3. Whole Foods Shows Brands How to Use Pinterest
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing
  5. Who’s Using Pinterest Anyway? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  6. 13 ‘Pinteresting’ Facts About Pinterest Users [INFOGRAPHIC]
  7. What People Are Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest for Business

  1. Pinterest Introduces Business Accounts and Tools
  2. Pinterest Tops Facebook in Driving Ecommerce [VIDEO]**

** A recent survey of 7,431 online shoppers, conducted by BizRate Insights, reveals Pinterest motivates more online purchases than Facebook.

More than 70% of Pinterest’s 10 million users told BizRate that they turn to the social pinboard for shopping inspiration and to keep up with trends. There’s also better user engagement with brands on the photo-sharing website: 66% of users regularly follow and repin retailers. Only 17% of Facebook users said they rely on the social network for purchasing inspiration. But while Pinterest’s 10 million users drive more purchases to retail websites, Facebook still dominates in reach and sending traffic to third-party websites.

Pinterest Suggestions

  1. Add Pinterest icon to your website.
  2. Add Pinterest Tab to Facebook. (Do this with Instagram too.)

Pinterest Analytics

  1. 6 Pinterest Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Influence
  2. Top talked about for analytics – Curalate
  3. Top talked about for analytics – PinReach


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