Facebook 2012 Year in Review

I noticed this on my Facebook Timeline today:

So I clicked it and got this:

Which showed me:

  • New friends I added this year.
  • Pages I liked this year.
  • A look at my 20 biggest moments from 2012 including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories! Totally surprised at my top 20. Scroll down to the bottom to see a real surprise.

Overall, love this concept. I appreciate the interface. It’s much like the new Instagram Profiles with rotating header photos. Also, Facebook makes it really easy to share the Year in Review by adding a “Share” button!

And this is how it “shared” to my Timeline:

Just when I was getting really upset with all the new Facebook changes, they come along with something amazing like “2012 Year in Review!”

Facebook is showcasing their 2012 trends too, via Facebook Stories. Very exciting stuff!

Thanks, Facebook!


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