What Makes Someone a Social Media Expert?

Social Media Expert Certificate

I’ve been obsessed with Linkedin Groups lately, particularly the the discussion forums. I came across this question recently and had to share:

What makes someone a social media expert?

Thinking on it for a few minutes, here’s how I answered the question:

Social Media Expert =

  1. Understands the various platforms
  2. Creates ideal strategy to drive results
  3. Creates plans and goals
  4. Looks at key factors such as demographics and social profiles of the community
  5. Measures results and adjusts the plan accordingly
  6. Up-to-date on best practices AND tapped into best practices for their specific industries
  7. Understands the importance of Community Management in regards to conversation, knowledge and customer service
  8. Knows best practices for optimal awareness and engagement
  9. Considers the needs of the project at hand and doesn’t use cookie cutter formulas
  10. Doesn’t just utilize current strategies, he/she creates them

NOTE – There are various roles in Social Media. Someone can be an expert in Community Management, but not in Analytics. So in thinking about the word “Expert” it’s all relative. Social Media Expert in general would be a working knowledge and passion for social media. However, if you are looking for the best wordpress hosting company to help you build a good website for your business just take a look at their site.

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COMMENT below how you would answer the question:

What makes someone a social media expert?

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