Home Brew Kombucha DAY 15: Mama SCOBY

mama scoby - day14

From Baby SCOBY to Mama SCOBY in one week. I think I’m ready to home brew my own kombucha! See that nice “jellyfish pancake?” She’s almost 1/4 inch thick. And that means, onto next steps in the home brew kombucha process!

In referring to my “Kombucha Love” board on Pinterest, here’s what I need to do next:

  1. Brew three quarts of sweet black or green tea.
  2. Place scoby and brewed sweet tea into gallon jar.
  3. Cover with breathable cloth and seal with rubber band.
  4. Check back in 7-10 days!

See the progress of my first ever batch of home brew kombucha: 


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  1. Thanks for all your kombucha brewing tips. It was a bit difficult to follow your instructions, though, as I was continually distracted by how incredibly beautiful you are in the photo.

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