Home Brew Kombucha DAY 17: Transfer of the SCOBY

SCOBY and sweet tea
Left: SCOBY | Right: Base for Komucha: sweentened black and green tea

Yesterday, I did the most exciting part of making kombucha, the SCOBY transfer. Well, at least it’s the most exciting part for me up to this point, as this is my first batch of kombucha home brew. I haven’t gotten to the fun of flavoring yet. Watch the transfer in the VIDEO below.

Kombucha Base

What was I transferring the SCOBY into? I made a base of sweetened black and green tea for the next phase of the kombucha brewing process. The sweetening has to be done with pure cane sugar because sugar is what feeds the yeast and healthy bacteria, and in turn makes the fermented tea called, kombucha. Some people try agave and other alternative sugars, but these will not produce good results. Best water to use is clean filtered water. Best ingredients to use are organic and natural ingredients.

ingredients for home brew kombucha
Ingredients for home brew Kombucha: SCOBY, sweetened tea, 1 cup sugar, filtered water.

Surprise Triple SCOBY

Excited to feel the SCOBY for the first time, I wanted to have it documented. Watch the video below to see my excitement. I also talk about why I’m home brewing kombucha. And I discover, to my surprise, that I have made three SCOBYs instead of just one. I think I let my SCOBY making go longer than necessary. I had heard that it can take up to four weeks in the winter months, but for me it was one week. I know realize that’s because winters in Los Angeles are not as cold as normal winter weather.

What does a SCOBY feel like?

In the video, I don’t explain in detail what it feels like to touch a SCOBY because I was so surprised to see three! Here’s what it feels like:

  • like a jellyfish
  • like a stingray
  • slimy
  • soft

Kombucha Video


Brewing kombucha from scratch. Day 17.



Kombucha Resources

I have a Pinterest Board titled, Kombucha Love. It holds a collection of my research, fun kombucha links and my blog posts. Follow this board to stay on top of the latest in my journey to the ultimate kombucha!

See the progress of my first ever batch of home brew kombucha: 

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