Home Brew Kombucha DAY 19: SCOBY Floats with Foam

Sarah holds Kombucha Tea with floating SCOBY and foam

After transferring the SCOBY into the Kombucha sweet tea base, it took only two days for it to start floating. That came with lots of foam, something I haven’t read about in my Kombucha research. So needless to say, I hope this is normal!

Close-ups of the SCOBY and Foam

SCOBY floats with foam at top of Kombucha Tea

Closeup of SCOBY and foam

Kombucha Resources

I have a Pinterest Board titled, Kombucha Love. It holds a collection of my research, fun kombucha links and my blog posts. Follow this board to stay on top of the latest in my journey to the ultimate kombucha!

See the progress of my first ever batch of home brew kombucha: 

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