Using Facebook Photo Albums like Pinterest Boards

So it occurred to me last week that I should be collecting photos and posts on Facebook in a similar fashion as putting pins in boards on Pinterest.

What does this mean?

When writing messaging for clients, I use special theme days to organize content and give the community stability and a forum to share and interact. It makes total sense to me to collect these theme messaging posts into some type of organized format, ie photo albums.

Some messaging themes I use are:

  • Sunset Sundays
  • Trivia Tuesday
  • Travel Tuesday
  • What’s that Wednesday
  • Where in the World Wednesday
  • Quotable Thursday
  • Food Porn Friday

So why is this method awesome?

In my book, this is a win-win strategy, especially for new fans of Facebook Brand Pages. One of the first things a new fan will do is look through photos. My method offers new fans visual content as well as a quick glance at the tone of the brand’s personality.

As you implement this into your own social media strategy, you can expect to see things like:

  • More engagement and interaction
  • Heightened brand loyalty

Here are some additional ways to use theme messaging:

Sometimes I coordinate my theme messaging on Facebook with hashtag collections on Twitter. Here’s an example of #WhereintheWorldWednesday:

Notice the ReTweets. People love this stuff!

Another way to coordinate messaging into albums:

I’ve started to play around with making graphics for quotes and small promotions such as a Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl for an alcohol brand client. This ensures that the messages are stored in photo albums as well as the Facebook Timeline. I could have created a text post for this promo, but I think this graphic is more effective. Plus it’s stored in a photos album so it has a greater chance of getting viewed more often. I want to note that I am not suggesting to get rid of text posts. There is a time and place for them, but that’s for a separate blog post. *wink*

Keep in mind that this is a new strategy I’ve developed. I will continue to report on results in the future. Please comment below and let me know what you think about any of the strategies I’ve listed above. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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