I enjoy photos. I’ve been on Instagram for months, but I am newly addicted. And no, it’s not because Facebook bought them. My addiction happened a couple weeks before Zuck made his move. I was on a road trip from Los Angeles to St. Louis. Had to snap and share those beautiful Rockies insta-style.

Having said that, I want to share a great tool called, Search Instagram, created by these guys: Syd Lawrence and Tom.

What is Search Instagram? 

  • It’s a website that allows you to view all tagged Instagram photos.
  • Type in any one word in the search bar at the top right.
  • Find all the Instagrams tagged with that word.
  • By tagged, I mean hashtagged. ie  NOT – “parasailing” | YES – “#parasailing”

It’s a new addiction. I not only Instagram photos. I view hundreds of instagrams at a glance using Search Instagram!

Why is Search Instagram special?

  • Since Instagram lives only in the mobile app space, Search Instagram makes it so we can view Instagrams via the Internet.
  • And better yet, each Instagram has it’s own URL, so we can all share the awesomest of the awesome Instagrams of the world.

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