Home Brew Kombucha DAY 27: Bottling and New Brew

bottled kombucha

From a 1 gallon jar of home brew kombucha to six 160z. bottles and 2 cups of starter brew, tonight I “bottled.” That’s me enamored with seeing the final product of my first brew.

What’d I do?

I started with this,

start bottling kombucha

and with the help of some magic funnel action, I finished with this!

finish bottling kombuca

and then realized that I wanted more fizz in my brew, so I turned to this. It’s call double fermentation brew. Added a teaspoon of sugar to feed the yeast, to gain more fizz, to make me happy! Why the cooler? Over the next 2-3 days pressure will build while the kombucha is gaining fizz. The cooler ensures safety if one or more bottle tops burst off! It’s my own personal chemistry experiment.

kombucha double fermentation

Cycle of Life

First brew in the bag. Time for #2. The Mama SCOBY from Brew #1 produced a Baby SCOBY. With Baby SCOBY, I get to continue the cycle of life of kombucha. Here’s what that looks like:


Mama & Baby SCOBYs

And then what?

In 7-10 days, I’ll have 2 gallons of kombucha spread into 12 16oz. bottles and 4 cups of starter tea for brew #3!! And the cycle of kombucha life continues…


Kombucha Resources

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See the progress of my first ever batch of home brew kombucha: 

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